It’s about learning to draw the human figure confidently, and with exceptional skill.

If you’re like most artists, you probably already know that good drawing is the foundation on which the visual arts are built. You may also know that the human figure is the essence of most great works of art.

And you’ve probably tried drawing the figure, either from a live model or from your imagination, but…

…well, I’ll bet the results weren’t exactly what you wanted.

The fact is, drawing the human figure isn’t easy, and for many artists (including me) it can be the one skill that holds their artwork back.
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My name is Drake Gómez…

…and for over 25 years I’ve taught aspiring artists like you to draw the figure with greater skill and understanding. During this time, I’ve worked to redefine figure drawing instruction, especially drawing from the imagination.

You see, when I was a student, I was only taught to draw from observation. I could draw a decent figure if I had a model to look at, but ask me to draw from my imagination, and I was hopeless.

Eventually, I realized that drawing from observation and from the imagination are two separate—though related—skills. But I also realized something that few “fine art” professors are willing to admit: These skills amplify each other in remarkable ways.

Draw from observation, and your drawings from the imagination will improve; draw from your imagination, and your observational drawings will improve.

How Stronger Artist can help YOU…

  • Step-by-Step Tutorials

    Self-paced multimedia lessons in important figure drawing skills and concepts.

  • Video Demos

    Real-time demonstrations of figure drawing, perspective, and other crucial skills.

  • Insightful Articles

    Practical posts about figure drawing, studying art, artists, and other relevant topics.

  • Opinions and Reviews

    Reviews of art supplies and materials, books, exhibitions, and many other resources.

  • Discussion

    A community of like-minded artists who want to help each other achieve success.

And now I’ll take some questions. You, there in the front row…

Is Stronger Artist only about learning to draw the human figure from the imagination?

The demos and tutorials are mostly about drawing from the imagination, because there’s a greater need for quality websites that focus on this topic. Many of the SA articles, however, are only indirectly about imagined drawing, and include posts on studying art, notable artists, reviews of materials, and many other topics.

What kind of drawing do you emphasize on Stronger Artist?

I teach naturalistic drawing. That means figures and other subjects in a drawing have a similar appearance to their counterparts in reality, at least in their proportions and structure. How those subjects are rendered to completion, however, can vary depending on the goals of any artist.

Think of naturalistic drawing as the framework for learning to draw the human figure in many styles, from classical to comic book drawing, traditional styles of illustration, and even the more realistic styles of cartooning.

I also follow an analytical approach to drawing, focusing on proportions, structure, perspective, and skeletal and muscular anatomy, without ignoring the importance of gesture.

Lots of people teach drawing online. What are your qualifications for teaching this subject?

If you’re going to invest your time and money in studying art (online or face-to-face), it’s important to find a qualified instructor. I’ve been teaching naturalistic drawing and painting to college students for over 25 years, with a focus on drawing from the imagination. Currently, I’m a tenured full professor at my institution, and many of my ideas about teaching have been published in peer-reviewed journals or presented at conferences within my field.Frankly, though, what matters with any instructor is that they know their subject deeply, can demonstrate their expertise, and can communicate it to others, clearly and passionately. Nothing that anyone can show you on paper can prove this–you have to experience it firsthand. I believe you will on Stronger Artist, starting right here.

If you really want to know more about me, you can visit my personal website.

Why do you feature both video demonstrations and non-video tutorials?

Each approach offers certain instructional advantages that the other doesn’t. With video, you get to see a drawing progress in real time, along with how the artist actually goes about drawing. With the tutorials, you can focus on each step while working at your own pace.For lessons that feature both a video demo and a tutorial, I recommend you watch the video first. Generally, I suggest you just watch the demo, without trying to draw along with it.  Then, begin the tutorial, and follow along with your own drawing.

Shouldn’t I avoid drawing from the imagination if I want my drawings from life to improve?

No, not if you’re taught to draw from the imagination correctly. Art instructors often warn students against drawing what they think certain objects look like, and for good reason.But if what you think something looks like is pretty close to what it does look like, then the picture in your mind’s eye provides a reference to compare your observations to, and will actually improve your ability to draw from life.

Do you offer any paid courses or lessons?

Currently all of the material on Stronger Artist is 100% FREE. I’m developing some premium courses on different aspects of figurative drawing, and these will be offered at a reasonable cost when they’re complete. The free material on this site will never go away, however, and I’ll continue to offer new tutorials, posts, and demos long into the future.

Can I sign up for your email list? And what will you give me when I do?

Why, how nice of you to ask! Yes, of course you can sign up for my email list—just CLICK the big orange button at the bottom of this page. When you do, I’ll send you the blah blah blah and the bleh bleh bleh…well…why don’t you just scroll down to see what you’ll get…

The question is…

…are you finally ready to learn to draw the human figure confidently and with greater skill? Are you ready to become a STRONGER ARTIST?

Figure Drawing Framework course

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