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"StArt Figure Drawing"

The StArt Figure Drawing System is the foremost project of the Stronger Artist website, offering a complete, structured approach to drawing the human figure from the imagination.

Based on a defined set of standardized poses and views, the StArt System offers a framework to begin drawing the figure. Add to that framework an understanding of how the figure moves (or articulates) and you have the basis for the system—and for its name:

Strategic poses and views + Articulation = StArt

The archive below includes video demos, tutorials, and articles related to the StArt Figure Drawing system. If you're new to this website, I recommend you read/watch/practice these articles/videos/tutorials in the order they appear below, particularly the first dozen or so.

If you're interested in a single learning format, you can narrow this list by visiting the separate archives on articles and discussions, figure drawing videos, or figure drawing tutorials.